Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Oli Sansom - 5 things I love about Film

Melbourne-based photographer Oli Sansom picked up a camera four years ago to use for shooting bands at a festival in August 2009. He has been shooting film since mid/late last year.
"Around that lots of personal stills work, understanding light better, etc. I just picked up a medium format TLR camera, so that’s going to be a large part of experimental work from now on."
And below are 5 main reasons why Oli loves shooting film:

1. It's more social. You take the shot and forget about it, bam, done. The focus stays on being in and capturing moments, not analysing it afterwards then trying to fix things.

2. The sense of 3D provided by the more accessible medium and large formats totally rocks and is something that the most expensive 35mm digital cameras (obviously) can't do, unless you feel like getting into creating bokeh panoramas. They're fun, but I prefer less time at the computer and less clicking. I paid under $300 for a camera that can create far more physically immersive images than a $3000+ digital camera, with a single click. I find that pretty amazing and despite being a majority digital shooter myself, it's one key angle of the "digital vs film" thing that isn't touched on as much as it should be.

3. If I wasn't shooting film and leaving archaic looking cameras on cafe tables, I wouldn't have Vietnam vets rolling up to me outside cafes striking up conversations that lead to amazing experiences and stories.

4. The variety in tone, colour, and texture that's available. There's more to life than L series glass.

5. It costs me money to make images, and that's a good thing.

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