Sunday, September 22, 2013

Morgynn Haner - 5 things I love about Film

Morgynn Haner is a 23 year old film photographer based-in Austin, TX. Her loves for film began as a child with some Polaroids she took of herself, she started shooting 35mm photographs in high school and picking up old cameras in antique stores.
"I love everything about film and I don't think I'll ever stop shooting." -  says Morgynn.
Below are 5 main reasons why she's still shooting film:

1. Because it is the perfect medium to translate the strange images I see in my mind to something tangible. My process is so intricately attached to film, and film seems to be the one thing that allows me true self-expression.

2. Because it took me a painfully long time to understand black and white photography from the chemicals up, and eventually be able to manually produce a properly exposed image. A lot of people would find the way that I obsessively studied all aspects of film and created a bathroom darkroom ridiculous, because all you really need is a working finger to get a brilliant exposure on a digital camera. But there is something beyond satisfying in knowing that I not only expressed myself artistically, but also manipulated the technical aspects of the camera and chemicals to create my vision.

3. Because this can happen. Because I can be in the back of a car on the last leg of a four day road trip with one of my best friends, and we can quickly paint our faces and create art in a dirty, smelly, cramped SUV in the middle of nowhere in Arizona. And because of no matter where you are, a certain kind of light hits a certain kind film, and a certain lens manipulation produces magical colors that were before only in your mind.

4. Because of the magic of polaroids. Because of the way I fell in love with them as a kid and they've been one thing in my life that has never ceased to amaze and fascinate me. I see something new and beautiful in every pack I shoot and I think I could shoot them for my entire life and not have expended all of the possibilities. And because now, I can also shoot polaroid pack film in my medium and large format cameras and get completely different kinds of images on the small prints I've loved for so long.

5. Because of expired film, of course. There is nothing that makes me happier than shooting the packs of Polaroid film I saved from my teenaged years. I set this shot up, and had no idea whether I'd get something brilliant or total sh*t. It's often the latter because a lot of people don't store their expired film properly (including me before I knew), but when it works... it's always something you've never seen before and never expected to see. The chemicals create art with you and it's a magic all of its own.

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