Friday, September 6, 2013

Miriana Pinna - 5 things I love about Film

Miriana Pinna is a photography addicted in love with film and vintage. She was born in 1993 in Sardinia, Italy and started shooting six years ago. Miriana is currently lives in Gorizia, in the North-East of Italy. And here are reasons why she prefers film photography:

1.The atmosphere created by the lenses of a film camera is pretty different from the reality we usually see through digital. There's always that sort of magic dust that makes you feel like living in the past.

2. A standard portrait magically becomes a 60's image.

3. If you have friends that don't like to be photographed, you can tell them that you're not using a digital camera and you don't know if that film will ever be developed (it's not the truth, obviously).

4. The contrast of your shots will be more noticeable because what you see through the viewfinder doesn't match with the final result.

5. There are many variables that can make your photograph unique (for example hairs on the film negative).

6. Why not?

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