Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kowa Six Samplr

Kowa is a Japanese company which was founded in Nagoya in 1894 as a textile shop, and entered the spinning industry in 1919. In 1939, the trading and spinning activities were separated, and the trading company was incorporated as Kōwa K.K.

In 1960, Kowa inaugurated a series of amateur 35mm SLR cameras, all with a leaf shutter. The last of the series was the Kowa UW190 (1972), equipped with a fixed ultra-wide-angle 19mm lens. In 1968, the company introduced a more ambitious project: the Kowa Six 6×6cm SLR, which would meet some success as the poor man's Hasselblad. It was upgraded in 1974 as the Kowa Super 66, which was Kowa's last camera in the century.

Here's a collection of beautiful photos taken by using Kowa Six camera.

so tired... :-( by TAT_hase!

The last forgotten Tomato.... by manni39

kowa012m by Gaetano Calabrese

untitled by Justin Ollevier

Lwów by pako_che

明正 : Bright and Clean by shuji+

White #A by F.Suzuki

untitled by Beach Rat

kowa coffee Varanasi by shakmati

█ by Colin_colin_colin_colin_colin_colin_colin_colin

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