Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interview with Paola Stasi

Paola Stasi, aka PaLu Palu, is a 25 year old photographer based-in Lecce, Italy. She started taking pictures with a Canon digital camera but soon she left it and enjoy with analog photography, especially Polaroid. We had have a talk with Paola to know about herself and her passion for film photography.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm Paola Stasi, for friends PaLu Palu. I come from a little town near Taranto, southern Italy. I'm student of Optics and Optometry at University of Salento, Lecce. Since I was a child the eyes are a very important subject for me, because of my cross-eyed (now corrected).

When did you get started taking pictures?
Maybe my mother gave me the passion for photography, thanks to her first Swiss camera, bought in the Seventies. I don't remember exactly when I get started taking pictures, but surely with digital era it's been more intensive.

What kind of camera do you enjoy using the most? Is there a film you like best?
I started with a Powershot Canon for some years, but after broken two compact cameras, I left digital cameras and started to use analogue cameras, like Holga 135, so I discovered the expired films and Lomography too. Two years ago my uncle gave me away a Polaroid Land camera, thenceforth I enjoy using it the most, although Polaroid films are expensive.

Who are your favourite photographers?
My favourite classic photographers are Diane Arbus, Francesca Woodman, Tina Modotti, Richard Avedon, in being photographers like Eni Turkeshi, Alison Scarpulla, Sofia Ajram, Aela Labbè, Robert Moses Joyce, Neil Krug, Gueogui Pinkhassov, Gero, Synchrodogs (Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova), Ren- Hang, Izumi Miyazaky and Ricòr. Among Polaroiders are Brandon C.Long, Andrea Buia (Junkie°) and Ludwig West.

Talk to us about your background in photography? What made you want to pick up a camera, and what makes you want to keep shooting?
If I could I take pictures in every moment, my eyes are always ready to immortalize what I live. Many times I think the shoot before, studying setting, lights, make-up and clothes of model, but punctually thinks change and my intuition get the better of me, the magic of that moment suggest me to make different, so each time it's a very war inside, at the end of shooting I feel like crying of wonder.

The power of Polaroid! I think to be afraid to forget, so I used a camera the first time with this reflection and walks with me. In the meanwhile I create my deep world, my dreams become real. How can I stop to dream? The image becomes my abode and shelter.

Any message for other film photographers? Or maybe a tip you would like to share?
I believe that we don't need to take a photographic course to learn how to take photos, there are no wrong photos, we have to trust our perception and feelings.

Thank you Paola for the interview.

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