Friday, September 20, 2013

Erin Emocling - 5 things I love about Film

Erin Emocling is a published writer and film photographer from Manila, Philippines. She likes film photography so much that she had a 35mm film strip tattooed on her right arm. She currently uses a Konica C35 from the 1970s.
"I don’t know how to draw well so I resorted to photography. I’ve been in love with film for the past 6 years and here are the 5 reasons, in no particular order, why still I am."
1. I love the authenticity of film. Film has an infinite love affair with light. When a photograph is captured using film, it naturally presents a certain crisp, a vivid aura, a dream-like memory. There are a lot of ways to imitate film photographs but when you’re a true analogue advocate, you’ll feel your heart skip a beat whenever you see one.

2. I love the essence of film.Film entails a lot of patience, which gives you room for anticipation. Film guarantees an element of surprise, and sometimes, it brings you disappointment, too. Because of its limitations, film makes you more mindful. It lets you look deeper. This special aesthetics makes film photography more gratifying.

3. I love the history of film.Using pre-loved film cameras brings a feeling of nostalgia. It’s like being assigned to continue the adventures of the camera’s previous owner and you’re bound to capture yours with the same camera. I love how film connects our present to the past and how it relates to one’s emotions. Films are fragments of emulsified memories.

4. I love the imperfections of film.Dusts, grains, light leaks, scratches—these are some of the lovely flaws that make film photographs appear rather perfect and pure. I love how films vary in color, contrast, depth, hue, and tone. Film photographs have their own permanent appeal, and they become more appealing as time passes by.

5. I love the tangibility of film. Film photography requires hands-onand manual processes—from loading a film into a camera,advancing the film, unloading it, to its developing, scanning, and printing. Everything is or can be painstakingly done by you, that’s why it is simply more fulfilling. Even the sound of a film camera’s shutter or the smell of a freshly opened film canister is perceptible and priceless.

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