Saturday, September 28, 2013

Catherine Grace - 5 things I love about Film

Catherine Grace is a photographer and artist based-in Cincinnati, Ohio. She shoots mostly film and was handed a Canon AE-1 Program at the age of five by her father. Grace has been producing images since.
"Photography has changed from a hobby to my profession. There's nothing else I'd rather find myself doing for the rest of my life."
Below are five main reasons why she's still shooting film:

1. Only having a few expensive exposures makes every image so much more meaningful.

2. There's nothing more magical than getting to see the images after waiting forever for them to process.

3. My film cameras are my babies and I love holding them.

4. Slide film is too luscious for words, nothing beats that color.

5. Spending hours in the dark room with a glass of wine is the most magical way to spend a Friday night.

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