Monday, September 9, 2013

Beautiful Lotus Analog Photos

Lotuses are beautiful flowers that grow in water. They are commonly seen in pink shades. Lotus flowers also have high spiritual significance in religions like Hindu and Buddhism. Here's a selection of beautiful lotus flowers taken with film.

Lotus Blossom -- Apr 02 by wanderingYew2

Lotus by g o r t (crazily busy)

Lotus by Kenny.Lin

Lotus by sprout+

season of the lotus by miwa**

leaf umbrella* by *setsuna

untitled by cocoaloco

Lotus by 73。

Lotus by Positive film_05 (July 25, 2009) by yuchan's point of view

Good morning! by yokko..

Lotus flower by yocca

Lotus, by Holga by ultrasupergenius

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