Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beautiful Analog Pictures of Lavender Fields

Although lavender comes in several distinct varieties and flourishes in several different countries, all types of lavender favor somewhat similar growing conditions. This perennial plant is a mid-spring to early-summer bloomer, usually reaching harvestable height and maturity in early to mid-summer. Below is a selection of beautiful pictures of lavender fields taken with various film cameras.

Provencal lavender field by Alan Mackay Forbes

Lavender Hill by marcioserpa

Lavender Field, Banstead by Sally Dunford

たんばらラベンダーパーク by yukki..

untitled by joart

Lavender Field by mmmel!

untitled by abbytrysagain

Three people in a lavender field by IanAWood

untitled by eros turannos

untitled by jour de pluie

Lady Lavender (© Blue Print Photography / Jimmy Cheng) by Mighty Bright Light

Lavender Field by SonyaDeters

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