Thursday, September 12, 2013

9 Film Wedding Photographers You Should Follow

Why shoot film? Why not shoot digital like the rest of the world? In these cases, it doesn't matter if it's film or digital… their work is amazing.

Jonathan Canlas

Jonathan Canlas is the God-Father of film these days. He shoots 100% film 100% of the time. I'm not sure if he even knows what a memory card is. It doesn't matter though, because Jon's work speaks for itself. His work is honest and direct. No props needed. Jon teaches the Film is Not Dead Workshop which I can highly recommend. Check out his work at

Jose Villa

Jose's work is simply out-of-this-world. Sometimes I look at his images and think to myself, “REALLY?!” I could only dream about having that sort of talent. Jose teaches a photography workshop that I hear is the real deal. Check out Jose's work at

Jen Huang

Jen has a very unique style. Bright and vibrant is what I would say to describer her photographs. Jen also offers a film workshop. Check out Jen's work at

Elizabeth Messina

Elizabeth Messina is I think one of the best at capturing the details and emotions of the weddings that she shoots. Her work isn't over-thought. It's easy to look at and "get" right away. It's candid, sometimes conceptual, but always great. Find her work at

Karen Wise

Karen is great at capturing details. Her portraits are immaculate. Her colors are amazing, that's why her work as a wedding photographer has also paid off in the food photography world as well, and vice versa. Check her work out at

Samm Blake

Samm is based in Melbourne, Australia one of the many great photographers coming from down under. Her B+W work is amazing. She makes great use of light in every circumstance. Check her out at

Jonas Peterson

Speaking of photographers from Australia, Jonas is another who I think is top 10 every year. Jonas' work is real. He doesn't try and overshoot, or over-edit. The photographs he takes are natural and candid. No need for fancy rigs/lights, just real. Check him out at

Fer Juaristi

Fer is based in Mexico, and is a hybrid shooter. He shoots a lot of film, but also a lot of digital. His camera(s) of choice is a Leica, and so his work has a real documentary feel. He has some really great B+W work. Check him out at

Diana Palmer

Diana's work is incredible. She shoots great details and has a good eye for getting the moment. She describes it as "hip and honest". I couldn't agree more. Visit her site at

*Matthew Ryan is a film and wet plate photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Take a look at his work at This original article appeared here.

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