Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wiissa - 5 things I love about Film

Wiissa is a photographic duo of two young photographers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe from Miami and now living in New York City. They shoot mostly film, and below are 5 main reasons why they love shooting film:

1. The imperfection of film. I love little bits of dust, scratches and an occasional light leak. I think this makes film feel very human.

2. The dream-like quality. Film photos mimic the aesthetic of memories. Grainy and not perfectly clear, just like dreams and memories. I always feel like film photos perfectly capture the particular mood of a memory. It's like they provide a visual version of the exact feeling I get when remembering a certain event.

3. The smell. Kind of smells like chocolate to me, but no one else seems to think so.

4. The surprise. With digital photos, you get to see them right away. With film, you have to wait until you get them developed and scanned, and there's no better feeling than scanning a roll of photos after waiting days to see them! Even with Polaroids, there is a sense of surprise. This summer I took this photograph of Wilson on a cliff, and accidentally smudged the Polaroid's two layers together before it was developed. I thought I ruined the photo, but when I opened it up, there was this cool rainbow effect around Wilson and at the bottom of the photograph!

5. The reliability of film. This year, I've had sooo many problems with my computer and external hard drive. If it weren't for negatives, I would have lost a lot of photos! Negatives are just another form of back up to make sure I never forget these amazing memories. Stuff them in an old fridge, and they'll last forever.

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