Thursday, August 8, 2013

Markets Around The World

Markets are one of the oldest institutions in the world. Before supermarkets and chain stores, communities came together at streets and squares to buy what they need. They were a place of trade and gossip. One of many ways to experience local culture while traveling is by visiting a market. All around the world, travelers sample local flavor at food markets, night markets, flea markets, or antiques markets...

Here, a selection of 15 interesting analog photos of markets around the world:

Market in Mongkok by cwilliam913

market sisters by alaricxyz

The Market by Hisham Salmin

Jogjakarta markets - film by Bruce Kerridge

The woman at the market by Linc ~

Market by Garlap

Film: Market by .photographoe.

Gwangjang Market by Sun P

market by Linc ~

Morning Market by 【 ken 】

(The Red Bearded Fishmonger) by Robbie McIntosh Photography

market by miniaturebottle

Market Garden by Silent Star 101

Market Day by Nick Barkworth

fish markets by Greg Williamson

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