Saturday, August 24, 2013

"KW2" by Tim Hogendoorn

Tim Hogendoorn is a 23 year old photography student who's living in Dirksland, a small town close to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
"Since a couple of years now, shooting film has become my passion in photography. When I was a child I loved to pick up film- and photo cameras. In almost every holiday film photos my dad made back in the days you could always hear me whispering in the background (thinking the camera would not pick it up) "Dad, can I film?!"
When the photography education started I was instantly drawn into photographing with film. The feeling I get when processing film myself and seeing the final result is something digital has never done to me. It has gone so far that whenever I pickup a digital SLR all that comes out is crap: film makes me look for those special moments instead of just snapping away on a 32GB card."
The latest serries he has recently finished is "KW2" about a small fisherman's boat, of three men, who fish off the coast  at Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

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