Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Kiss Me Please Project" by Toyokazu Nagano

Toyokazu Nagano is a photographer based-in Ishikawa, Japan. By using his Pentax 6x7, Toyokazu was snapping adorable photos of his four-year-old daughter Kanna on a kissing spree in a photo series entitled Kiss Me Please Project.
"Whether it is a fight between a couple, countries, and people, it is quite possible that everything can be solved with a simple kiss," Toyokazu told My Modern Met. "With this in mind, my second daughter is expressing this idea by kissing different people and things. This project is to show that love can be spread and shared among people. We hope that it would bring peace to the world."
Check out the sweetness photos of the series below.

For more of Toyokazu Nagano's work, please visit his Flickr photostream or his Facebook page.

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