Monday, August 5, 2013

"INposition 2013" by Anna Horcinova

Anna Horcinova is a student of the master-degree program at the Department of Photography and New Media, the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava. She graduated from foreign internship at the University of Lahti in Finland.

In the photo project INposition (2013), which was shot by a Hasselblad 501CM camera, she's using playful manipulation of physical fragments to express existentialism or the limits of body and mind. Anna Horcinova staged her models - mostly dancers in physically difficult dance poses expressing an emotional state of mind together with a gesture. And with the help of the body she tries to cross the imperceptible boundaries between her subject and the world around it.
"I am not dematerializing the body, but I am merely displaying its integrity within external and internal reflection. The photographs depict young people who act as the embodiment of aspects from universal human situations and relationships. Mostly peaceful postures are followed by positions that evoke tension. Neutral environment allows to draw the attention to the dominating human element and to the interaction between characters. The work consists of various formats that reflect the diversity of approaches and interpretations. I construct narrative setup, creating hypotheses and connotations that convey a certain amount of fictional intimacy." Anna says on her blog.

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