Friday, August 9, 2013

Flickr Samplr #20: Cross-processing

Cross processing (also known as Xpro) is the deliberate processing of photographic film in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film. Color cross processed photographs are often characterized by unnatural colors and high contrast. The results of cross processing differ from case to case, as the results are determined by many factors such as the make and type of the film used, the amount of light exposed onto the film and the chemical used to develop the film.

Here's a selection of fantastic cross-processing photos are uploaded to our Flickr group's pool:

Vereda by .sereal.

beach silhouettes by Dandy's Warden

Oil Seed Rape by Timm Ranson

Chaperon. by Vera Papp

Sunrise by saviorjosh

Winter Spires by liquidnight

explosion? by Beaulawrence

I. by Kiyouyou

#40 by maximebergeron_photos

untitled by raquel fialho

Flatiron Building by DoubleBen

housekeeping by damiec

urban abstracts by jeyku

The Fallen by Emily Davis Photography

What We Have in Common by Daniel Polidori

Goodbye Spring... by Graziella Ines

IMG_0031 by moo-core

1307240117 by Marcin Kubiak

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