Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fields of Cosmos

Cosmos is one of those flowers that likes to bask in full sun from dawn until dusk. Dappled shade may result in lanky plants with fewer flowers.

Many cosmos flowers sport lacy foliage similar to ferns or asparagus that is beautiful in its own right. Petals of single varieties surround a small yellow pollen disk with a simple ray form; double varieties may resemble little carnations. A wide range of color options is available for the gardener, including all hues of pink, red, yellow, and orange.

* by *setsuna

untitled by cocoaloco

Pink cosmos by yocca

untitled by roco62

Cosmos Festa by oceanus2007 (***busy***)

dreamland by doistrakh

Medicine of my smile by tearoom

Red Hill-002 by B*_J

balance of color by u*yam

Cosmos(Film) 081013 #04 by osanpo

autumn flowers by nijntjee

untitled by c.feuer

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