Friday, August 2, 2013

Ferrania Samplr

Ferrania produces its Ferrania Solaris colour negative film for the 135 (35mm) and APS film formats. It was the last company to produce film for the 126 format, in late 2007. Ferrania also made film in other formats including 110 and 120 in the past. After discontinued its photographic products some years ago, Ferrania announced that they're ready to start making film again.

Below is a selection of wonderful color photographs taken with the old Ferrania films which are uploaded on Flickr.

red plum blossoms by * luna *

untitled by carninscatola

Three-Stranded (662 trail) by koitalow

untitled by anan.

untitled by buenaventura marco

untitled by Molly Hare

untitled by Sid Black

はずむ*はずむ by kero*

untitled by Paula Pire

grip the grip... by ☀Solar ikon☀

teenagers by *Juliabe

untitled by kapa☆

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