Sunday, August 4, 2013

Efrain Bojorquez - 5 things I love about Film

Efrain Bojorquez is a Mexican photographer who is returning to film after a long digital hiatus. He started shooting film in highschool, about 20 years ago.
"I learned from my father and then for convenience started shooting digital, but I always felt there was something wrong about letting the camera make all the thinking. About three years ago I bought my DSLR and started taking photography as a very serious hobby. Last year, for Christmas I got two cameras: a Canon AE1 and am Asahi Pentax Spotmatic. From that moment on, I haven't shoot anything but work with the DSLR. I'm not a formally established pro photographer, just the occasional session for friends and a product shoot here or there. I'm now shooting my 16th and 17th rolls and loving every single one of them. Sometimes I ache for finishing up a roll faster than I should but then I stop and remember that every frame is precious, cool myself down, sigh and move on."
Here's his 5 reasons why he loves shooting film:

1. It makes me stop and think. I'm more selective now that I'm back on film and it means more keepers per shooting. Besides, it has a magic that makes you want to keep a picture even if it did not came out as you wanted.

2. It has texture. I love how things look on film, even the cheap ones. Film grain is so amazing that I can't believe all the time I spend trying to remove it from my digital shots.

3. It has dimension and latitude. As much as I try replicating my film results I just can't get the same 3D feel I get from each film photo. Also, I love how it renders the highlights when shooting against the sun. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I stop to think every single photo and avoid shooting what I don't like.

4. It takes patience. It's just more romantic to wait for something to happen. In fact, it's almost cathartic!

5. The cameras are amazing! The smoothness and sound of the shutter, the wonderful lenses, the rewind crank, the winding lever, the effort you have to make for the experiment of a double exposure, well... just about everything!

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