Monday, August 12, 2013

Danka Bobulska & Peter Seman - 5 things I love about Film

Danka Bobulska & Peter Seman are young couple from the small town in the east of Slovakia. Currently they are studying in the capital Bratislava, Peter ecological science and Danka physics.
"We like to capture our daily life, travelling and adventures, but mainly nature that we love since our childhood. And also love, moments, moods, inspiring light and everything what this amazing life brings to us."
Here are 5 reasons why Danka and Peter love shooting film:

1. Light - We love amazing and also unpredictible light which can be done just by film camera. It's so soft and natural, you can play with it and eagerly wait for the result.

2. Film grain - It is irreplaceable part of analog photography for us. It makes photos soft and warm, but sometimes rough - exactly as they should be.

3. Element of surprise - You can never know what will be the result of your effort. After developing your film you are nervous, full of expectations and also doubts. And sometimes you forgot what you photographed and it's magical when you see this moment at your new developed picture.

4. Concentration - Analog photography is very specific, because (for the amateurs as we are) it isn't just about taking pictures. You have to consider, focus on each picture, because every shot is unique and the one. You try to give your best to every picture.

5. Shutter sound - We love that clear sound when you press the shutter. It is so mechanical and unique for every single camera. You can´t compare it to digital camera. It´s much better.

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