Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brown Shoes Don't Make It

A collection of analog photos of brown shoes, inspired by the song Brown Shoes Don't Make It by The Mothers of Invention, written by band leader Frank Zappa.

The title was inspired by an event covered by Time Magazine reporter Hugh Sidey in 1966. The reporter correctly guessed that something was up when the fastidiously dressed President Lyndon B. Johnson made the fashion faux pas of wearing brown shoes with a gray suit. LBJ flew to Vietnam for a surprise public relations visit later that day.

untitled by e n y o u

feet by nsirolli

The Grass is Greener on the Other Side by dimocha

brown shoes by ƒragmentos

untitled by AFNuttall

Autumn shoes by itspaulkelly

* by aren't you the girl

untitled by _cassia_

untitled by d. . .

a peacebone got found in the dinosaur wing; by Taylor+Stevens

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    Sara Smith

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