Friday, August 2, 2013

Alvaro Gomez - 5 things I love about Film

"It is not that I am still shooting film, but why I shoot film. I was born into photography through a digital compact camera. I used to have an small 35mm when I was little, but don't even remember it or any of the images it produced. It was later that I turned into film. Any choice can be right in the right hands, but this is the one for me." Madrid-based photographer Alvaro Gomez says.
Alvaro Gomez is a photographer who has shot a lot with film. He studied cinematography at the Film and Audiovisual School of Madrid. Below are 5 reasons why he loves shooting film.

1. I've always been quiet nostalgic about everything. Old machines and stuff. Always felt like misplaced in time as if I was from another era. These old cameras are a joy to hold, trigger and lever up and down. They have this timeless straight and solid mechanisim that is all music to my ears. Film renders timless photographs, and i like my pictures to be timeless.

2. 90% of my all time favourite pictures were captured by film. Makes me feel close to it. I like to be able to hold it with my own hands, to be able to see the pictures just by shining some light throught it!

3. Challenge. Yes, it can be challenging and I like it. A leap of faith. You can easily spoil it. Every failure means money loss. Takes more time. You are due to be very careful. It is for people who take photography fairly serious. I don't mind driving the long road, it's exciting.

4. While the human eye sees somewhere beetween film and digital. The rendering of light and skin look being like film, and the clean aspect of the image being closer to digital. I still feel film to be more natural. You can choose to have or not to have visible grain thought various film emmulsion. Highlights on film using natural light are as beautiful as they can be. It gets spiritual and all.

5. Black and white is a reason itself. So to speak i don't like how colour film or digital colour turns into BW, they look dull. True black and white film has a certain degree of intrinsical contrast between subjects and objects. Skin is rendered differently. Plus, i can't myself see black and white without a grain structure.

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