Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Airport Terminals Around The World

An airport terminal is a building at an airport where passengers transfer between ground transportation and the facilities that allow them to board and disembark from aircraft.

Within the terminal, passengers purchase tickets, transfer their luggage, and go through security. The buildings that provide access to the airplanes (via gates) are typically called concourses. However, the terms "terminal" and "concourse" are sometimes used interchangeably, depending on the configuration of the airport.

Airport by KiwiBirch

Luton Airport by Russell In the Bushes

Waiting #2 by Я £

Travelator by Cormac Phelan

airport by Eike_L

On the way to Istanbul by tromso is ok

Atlanta GA, 1988 by victorsez

KL reflections by Will Cheyney

Doha Airport by realbelgianwaffles

Aquatic Airport by bluetrayne

Silhouette by soreikea

Lone Traveller by szeing

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