Sunday, August 4, 2013

17 Signs That You Were Alive Before Digital Photography

How do us elders separate ourselves from those who only know what it means to upload? Here are 17 tools and toys you’ll immediately recognize if you still remember the heyday of Kodak. Bring on the nostalgia.

1. You loaded your own sheet film

2. You know what this is

3. You own one of these

4. You know what the Photoshop icon is based on

5. Your film was so slow, you needed one of these

6. Flash isn’t something you install on your computer

7. You thought this bokeh was cool

8. You know what this is

9. You used one of these

10. Or these

11. And a whole bunch of this

12. You were suckered into buying one of these

13. “110″ isn’t just a number to you

14. You displayed photos with these

15. Or these

16. Using this

17. These don’t remind you of Michael Jackson

SHAMON! Aren’t you glad we have digital?

*Allen Murabayashi is the Chairman and Co-founder of PhotoShelter. This article originally appeared here.

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