Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yellow Cabs in New York City

The taxicabs of New York City, with their distinctive yellow paint, are a widely recognized icon of the city. Taxicabs are operated by private companies and licensed by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC). It also oversees over 40,000 other for-hire vehicles, including "black cars", commuter vans and ambulettes. "Medallion taxis," the familiar yellow cabs, are the only vehicles in the city permitted to pick up passengers in response to a street hail.

The first taxicab company in New York City was the Samuel's Electric Carriage and Wagon Company, which began running 12 electric hansom cabs in July 1897.

In the 1960s New York City experienced many of the problems of social unrest that engulfed other American cities. Crime rates increased along with racial tensions. As a result, a quickly growing industry of private livery services emerged. Unofficial drivers were barred from picking up people on the street, but they readily found business in under-served neighborhoods.

In 1967, New York City ordered all "medallion taxis" be painted yellow to help cut down on unofficial drivers and make official taxicabs more readily recognizable. The wife of the president of New Departure, Nettie Rockwell, particularly liked the color yellow and it therefore became the color of the new Rockwell taxicabs. The Rockwell Service Cab became the Yellow Taxicab when Mrs. Rockwell selected that as her choice of color for the auto.

Here's a selection of interesting analog photos of yellow taxicabs in New York City.

taste and flavor by ho_hokus

World Class Traffic Jam 2 by joiseyshowaa

NYC TAXIS by Elise Bonilla-Myers

Jam. by BeboFlickr

South Street Seaport by magastrom

McDonald's Manhattan NY (Polaroid) by Politically Incorrect

yellow cab by Final Approach


yellow cab by Reelene

NYC Taxi by Veronica Magan

NYC Taxis in Queue by c.giff

Taxi by iainbaughen

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