Tuesday, July 9, 2013

'RoidWeek 2013!

One of the biggest instant film events of the year is coming in the next week: 'RoidWeek 2013!
"We started POLAROID WEEK to celebrate instant film. We also started it as a project -- to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work."
Here's a small selection of interesting photos of 'RoidWeek 2012 for your inspiration:

The flood. by caballosblancos

Enraptured by amamak photography!

. by *Cinnamon

untitled by mikelanst

friday! by girlhula

* by radoznala

ROID WEEK DAY ONE! by The Gentleman Amateur

Hattie W. by Jon Duenas

monday** by girlhula

ROID WEEK DAY TWO! by The Gentleman Amateur

In 2006, instant photographers Cate Rachford and Lori Baker Brown met on Fotolog, and then really cemented their relationship on Flickr. They became fast and true friends.
"It's pretty interesting how many deep and amazing friendships were formed during those early Flickr years. Among other things, we bonded over our love of Polaroid, with it's vintage feel and charms and all it's imperfections."
They then decided to create a group called 'Roid Week for their friends and contacts to post their Polaroid shots taken during the span of a week. Years later it's still going strong and Cate and Lori quickly assumed Flickr rockstar status!

One of most exciting/challenging things about 'Roid Week is the strict rule that photos added to the group must not have been previously posted on Flickr. Some photographers save their best photos for 'Roid Week and others rise to the challenge and take new photos each day.

You can find more infomation about 'Roid Week through their Flickr group, Facebook page and Twitter.

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