Friday, July 19, 2013

'Roid Week 2013 - Portraroid

A selection of interesting Polaroid portraits from 'RoidWeek 2013 group pool.

Polaroid Week 2013 - Day 1 by amamason

Unicorn in the Lilacs by GeorgettePhoto

20130716 by Shuji Moriwaki

And in the bed of flowers, she shall lie by kate rose photography

Daydreaming by asher1282

'Roid week Day 3 by fernandadesu

Horseface by PolaWalk

by universal76

"WelcomeToTheFuture"- Daniel Arsham by PhilVnyc

Melissa by Briana Morrison

Love me some Kaiman by AustinTX

Mom and Dad (Version 2) by ricko

wednesday** by girlhula

Creations by Scott Southall

sleestak by acukiki

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