Sunday, July 28, 2013

Miranda Barnes - 5 things I love about Film

Miranda Barnes is an 18 year old photographer based-in New York. She has been shooting film for a year and we featured her work here days ago. And today, she told us 5 main reasons why she's still shooting film:

1. Having the ability to touch the roll of film and photos you get back I personally think is a great feeling

2. It's upsetting and frustrating when the photos don't come out the way you thought they did. Shooting film teaches me to be more patient and that it takes time to try and master a craft.

3. With digital you can snap hundreds of photos in a matter of an hour. Using film gives you the opportunity to focus, only using your mind and eye to make good photos.

4. The opportunities to try different rolls of films for your camera. There's so many to choose from and it's great when you're having a spur of the moment.

5. Disposable cameras are still coolest cameras out there.

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