Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mike N. - 5 things I love about Film

Mike N. is an engineer who lives in Speyer, South West Germany. Perfused with digital technology in the job he enjoys the old craft of photography to discover the world. A few years ago a Leica M6 he spontaneously bought while walking through the city addicted him. Soon he moved to medium and large format overwhelmed by the richness of tonality and details in the negatives and positives. He loves Kodak & Fuji Film and uses slide, color and black and white material.

So, here's his 5 reasons why he's still shooting film:

1. I shoot film because I can!

2. I shoot film because I want to be different than most of the others.

3. I shoot film because I want to think, to feel, to smell, to decide, to craft, to reflect, to perceive life.

4. I shoot film because I want my body and mind to become one.

5. I shoot film because it’s my interpretation of taste and esthetics.

See more of Mike's work on his website.

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