Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Matière Noire" by Elise Boularan

Born in Narbonne, 1984, Elise Boularan grew up in the South of France and has a Master’s degree in Creation and Artistic Research from the University of Toulouse. She also studied photography at the Toulouse School of Photography. After finishing her academic research and studies, she moved to Paris. She currently lives between Paris and Toulouse, pursuing a career as a photographic artist.

Her photography full of ellipses and silences, dislocating to the enigma. Using tirelessly ambiguity, telling us the privacy. The debris of your memory are picked to be thrown light. Then, the story can be told, true or false... whatever.
"A memory showing an intimate sphere where human disorders reign; inner fits can be told. My concerns are brought to the human reality of your time. Tirelessly trying to translate the human’s secrets, I reveal what can be private for someone." she says.

For this series, her concerns are about the limits of our body, what recovers from the unspeakable, from the non-formulated. The questions of these works are multiple and point the fragility of the life; this thread which escapes us. The woman’s fragility. These representations are loaded with references to the disorders, to the intimate regressions and contemporary fears.
"Through my work we can discover photographs impregnated with ambiguity. Preferring a picture to decrypt than a picture given which is already here, a resistant picture in a way. We can see a research of ambiguity in the pervasiveness of the bodies and in their weakness. Trying another narrative form, like these silent bodies which do not reveal everything. A narrative form that cannot be put in a time space or in a traditional space.
It means, taking photographs without giving them a definitive meaning, to be facing a silent privacy. How to make visible throught the photography what is hidden, how to highlight this invisible and dumb gesture? This reflection is always corresponding with my photographic work.
We are talking now about a kind of parallel reality, an interstitial territory which ignores geographic spaces and political systems, which belongs neither to a reality quite true nor a fiction consciously developed, but is rather enriched by its own rituals and rules of conduct where the distinction between good and evil, happiness and sadness, innocence and perversity, reality and fantasy, fade.
These images have in common the evocation below and beyond the assertion, the suspension of action of the expression. This work does not flee the world, but intends to build an interpretation, where something dumb and indefinable is really present.
The characters here are not in action, they are like bodies vaguely absent themselves. Portraits where opacity and strangeness resist. Everything happen as their assignment (referential, spatial and temporal) was stopped for a while, as isolated from the world of appearences."
So we find these photographs the utopia of a suspended time and the cruelty of a relapse sensed. The photography is, it is known, the special instrument of this temporal ambiguity.
"I use ambulation as a creative process. I seek to have, throughout my approach, a perceptual and poetic attitude faced with reality.
Wandering, or, we could say, an intense and slow aspiration led me to these places dilapidated, full of history. These places are like equivalents of the body. Most are representations of a melancholy state of mind rather than portraits of specific places. These places are used somewhat as the timeless backdrop of intimate dramas, which are transformed to a garden that retains traces of a small personal stories. These images attempt to echo the reality of our time with a melancholy tone surely as a consequence of social evolution, basically characterized by the loss of community."
You can find more of her work on her website, Facebook and Tumblr.

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