Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Photos Magical by Developing Film with The Wrong Chemicals

NYC based photographer and owner of Synapse Shots Matthew Cetta has made striking photographs in his going-on photo project called "Photogenic Alchemy" by abusing his film with everything from absinthe to turpentine. The project started out with a modified toy camera which he had converted a Holga to shoot 35mm film.
"Photogenic Alchemy is an exercise in controlled chaos and a study in the science of art. By breaking down silver salts and celluloid to it’s elemental form, I’ve created a dark and gritty apocalyptic world. It is a world that seems to be dissolving right before our eyes. Toxic and fascinating, each new roll of film left me intrigues. I couldn’t wait to try the next substance on my ever increasing list." Matthew says of his work.
Here are the photos from his amazing results, each caption contains the liquid or processed used to develop that photo:






Coca Cola

Color safe bleach

Cough syrup

Driveway degreaser

Electrified and then frozen


Ginger juice

Hydrogen peroxide and nail polish remover

Lemon juice

Olive brine

Pepto Bismol



Find more of Matthew's work on his website and his Facebook page.

(Photos © Matthew Cetta, via PetaPixel)

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