Friday, July 19, 2013

Life Through Emmanuel Rosario's Lens

Emmanuel Rosario is a photographer from New York City. His photography captures the essence of youth, life, travel and the will to move forward and explore what the world has to offer.
"I aim to motivate with my photography in order to push and inspire the idea of travel and the desire of seeing what the world has to offer us. I have been documenting my life via photographs and sharing my experience with the world.
Because life is beautiful and we are all surrounded by wonderful things all the time, and sometimes we just need a bit of an eye opener to help us move forward and seek something greater."
Here are some of analog photos through Emmanuel's lens of his travels and life experience which we want to share with you in order to help his cause of motivating and inspiring other to travel, enjoy life and have a better out look on life.

Most of his work would be found here:

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