Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Interview with Anna Marcell

Anna Marcell is a visual artist, self-portrait and fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her fine art and self portraiture work stems from intimacy and shows how she is feeling at that moment and wanting the photograph to be real as possible. She captures a lot of photographs of what she is doing whether it’s in her room or anywhere she goes. We featured some of her beautiful self-portraits taken by Polaroid before. And today, just take a look to the interview to know more about Anna and her work.

Hi Anna, can you tell us more about you?
I'm a Visual Artist, living in Brooklyn, NY. I spend most of my time creating art and enjoying solitude.

Can you tell us for how long have you been into photography? And how did your passion for Polaroid begin?
When I was in High School actually, I took a Photography class and that's where I learned to use a 35mm Camera and had access to a darkroom to develop my photos. Just recently, I picked up a 35mm again and I'm understanding it more every time I use it. It's definitely a different format of what I am use to with Polaroid.

In 2011, I picked up a Polaroid Spectra SE, which I got on eBay, it wasn't used for a long time, so there was a chance that the camera wouldn't work. But, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked very well, I just had to run the battery a little to speed it up again, to use. I have a strong attachment to that particular camera and Polaroid especially because it's one-of-a-kind and every photo I capture is very special and unique.

What cameras do you use?
Polaroid Spectra SE, Polaroid One Step Close Up Camera, and Canon EOS 1000F (35mm).

Is there a film you like best?
PZ680 Color Protection Film, for Spectra

You do a lot of self-portraits. What can you say about your work and what inspires you?
Self-portraiture has taught me that, I am my best subject when photographing.

Anything and everything inspires me everyday, it could be something I see, or how I am feeling at that moment. It could be the lighting in my room, the blossoming flowers, my cat, the weather, the great outdoors, my mood. Anything that can trigger me to capture that emotion of wherever I am, in my photographs.

Tell us which of your photos do you like especially, why?
The photos I especially love are the ones with Yum Yum (my cat) and I because, her and I have strong connection. She knows what's up and she is always curious of what I am doing at that moment. She is always on cue when I take a photo. She is at the right spot at that moment when I have an idea to capture a photo most of the time.

Any message for other film photographers? Or maybe a tip you would like to share?
Keep capturing and inspire :)

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