Monday, July 8, 2013

International Kodak Film Photography Day

July 12th 2013 is Kodak founder, George Eastman's 159th birthday and the inaugural International Kodak Film Photography Day (IKFPD).

Photo © Devesh Uba

To help celebrate the glorious 12th, some of Flickr users created a group and asking their members taking photographs on this day and adding the best of these to the pool. Photographs should be created using at least one Kodak film photography product such as a camera, film, developer and/or photographic paper.

If you're not a part, just go ahead over to the IKFPD's Flickr group, become a member and start adding your photographs to the pool, remember to tag your photographs with the Kodak product(s) used. They also have some interesting contests in the group's discussion

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