Thursday, July 25, 2013

Impressive Color Infrared Photos Taken by Lubitel Cameras

Color infrared transparency films have three sensitized layers that, because of the way the dyes are coupled to these layers, reproduce infrared as red, red as green, and green as blue. Early color infrared films were developed in the older E-4 process, but Kodak later manufactured a color transparency film that could be developed in standard E-6 chemistry.

In 2007 Kodak announced that production of the 35 mm version of their color infrared film (Ektachrome Professional Infrared/EIR) would cease as there was insufficient demand.

There is no currently available digital camera that will produce the same results as Kodak color infrared film although the equivalent images can be produced by taking two exposures, one infrared and the other full-color, and combining in post-production. The color images produced by digital still cameras using infrared-pass filters are not equivalent to those produced on color infrared film.

Take a look at some impressive infrared photos taken by some lomographers using their Lubitel cameras, who were lucky enough to score some rolls of the rare Kodak color infrared films.

(via Lomography)

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  1. These are phenomenal images. The girl in the road and the swan are particularly good.