Thursday, July 4, 2013

"huge things fit in the void" by Cátia Biscaia

Cátia Biscaia lives in Leiria, Portugal. Born in the 80's, she prefers the music she hears now. One of her great passions is obviously photography. She loves shooting in digital with Canon equipments (Canon only) and analog cameras, ranging from those with one button, to the others with more. She may never be a huge photographer, but the images she holds, nobody takes them from her. Her own home will always be a wall for an art exhibition.

Her photo project "huge things fit in the void" suggests a passionate search for a memory of the experience founded on the emptiness. The photos are analog and were captured with a 1957 Flexaret, based on the certainty of the negative transparency possibilities to transfer the human senses to the smoothness of the paper. One synaesthetic evocation to the places where the images are constructed - the mind of every observer and the time and place of creation.

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