Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fujifilm Discontinues Neopan 400 B&W and Provia 400X Slide Films

Photo by li-penny

Today is another sad day in the history of photographic film. According to The Phoblographer, Freestyle Photographic Supplies posted on their Facebook page a Fujifilm marketing bulletin announcing the discontinuation of Neopan 400 B&W and Provia 400X slide films.

We know that any discontinuation of a well-loved and long established product can be difficult to adjust to for both the retailers and the end-user,” says the bulletin. “However, in order to gain efficiencies and proper utilization of line capacity, it is necessary to review volumes and make appropriate decisions moving forward.
As The Phoblographer noted, the Neopan 100 is the only remaining Fujifilm B&W film. For slide film your options are: Fujifilm Provia 100F, Velvia 100 and Velvia 50.

(via The Phoblographer and PetaPixel)

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