Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flickr Samplr #18: Polaroids

'RoidWeek 2013 is coming, beginning Monday July 15th through Friday July 19th the 7 year tradition will be happening officially on Flickr in the ‘RoidWeek 2013 group and on their Twitter feed. From now to during Roidweek (two weeks time), the Impossible Project will be giving away film, not just one, but TWO two-packs of film a day. PLUS some extra special prizes! Besure to keep your eyes on the Impossible Project Twitter feed and on the discussions in the Flickr group.

To celebrate the 'RoidWeek 2013 is coming, we selected some of interesting Polaroid images from our Flickr group to put them in this Flickr showcase for your inpsiration. You can find much more of interesting Polaroids in Shooting Film group.

. by wonderlandadventures

by Leanne Surfleet

Noir by Jon Anthøny Syverson

Hetty on polaroid by Justine Gordon

Next Step by Bastiank80

Vampira's Daughter by Michael Raso - Film…

imogen & tanya - expired polaroid by unexpectedtales

Smögen in late summer sun by

by theonlymagicleftisart

holding hands by Dandy's Warden

by Luca Tabarrini

Tortuga Island, Costa Rica by twotimeslim

SantMikaelChapel by ouen

by _acido

Untitled by Manon-G

My Favorite Pin Up by mikahsupageek

Lauren by kittacabe

Broadstairs by A.MILLAR

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