Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Film Photography by Josh Hedge

Josh Hedge is a 21 year old self taught artist from Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. He uses both digital and analogue but his love for the simple things in life makes him favour film and he finds he uses that quite a lot more.
"I personally enjoy film because what you see is what you get.. There's too much room for improvement when shooting digital you know? You can take a photo, delete it if you don't like it and have another go. Where as film is pretty much just that exact moment your in when you take an image. Nothing more nothing less.
For me photography is something very special, To be able to pause a moment in our ever moving existence is truly magic. In the short 2 and a half years I've been taking photos it's given me the opportunity to meet and become friends with people I've looked upto my whole life. Travelled to places overseas, up and down Australia far and beyond for work which is ultimately leisure.. I could never take photography as a job too serious. It's what I love to do and to be able to call it my job at such a young age knowing I won't have to work somewhere I don't want to for the rest of my life makes me smile from ear to ear.
As for inspiration when it comes to taking photos I actually lack knowledge in other photographers.. I mean sure I have a few that I follow who'm I absolutely love but I find music and writing are my main source of creativity. To me words are just as powerful as photos and I look at writing to be a branch off of the photography tree. I like to write short descriptive passages in hope that whoever reads them create a picture in their head and ultimately make a story from the words and have this fantasy film playing in their mind. (if anyone reads them haha)

Often these passages usually link up with a photo I've taken in the past or one I'll take in the near future... It's cool.
I love seeing a recent resurge in film photography, I walk down streets and see Pentax's / Minoltas over young kids shoulders and it's awesome... I hope film never dies. It will forever hold a place in my heart and I can only hope it does in a lot of other artists as well."

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