Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beautiful Analog Photographs of Red Poppies

Red poppy or Papaver rhoeas is a species of flowering plant in the poppy family, Papaveraceae. This poppy, a native of Europe, is notable as an agricultural weed (hence the "corn" and "field") and as a symbol of fallen soldiers.

The poppy is an excellent flower for photography. Wild poppies turn ordinary fields into beautiful landscapes and also up-close the poppy is a very interesting flower. Here are some examples of beautiful analog photographs of red poppies.

pipacsos by .e.e.e.

Impressioni di Aprile / April Impressions by hippydream

Poppies** by yocca

Impressionism In Superia Photography by anologital

Field of Red by Mark Zuid

poppies by jamiehladky

poppies and the sky by V. T.

Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day, Armistice Day by belkin59

RGB by olivr

Poppies Spring/Summer In France by Metrix X

Poppies by Jeroenc71

Poppy by _Jessey

Poppy Season by bghfilm

red poppies in my pocket by fotogénesi

Poppies by barnoid

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