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5 Famous Photographs That Changed The World

There are so many pictures that have shaped the world and how we as people look at the whole world, whether it is a few miles away or thousands. These are just five that have changed the world around us.

1. The Migrant Mother, taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936

The picture above was taken in 1936 by photographer Dorothea Lange. It was a famous picture depicting the Great Depressio.

This picture was taken during the Great Depression just outside of Los Angeles in 1936 on a farm. The picture shows a mother with her two children leaning on her and an infant in her lap. The photographer, Dorothea Lange, went to California for a month-long photographic assignment to record everything on the Great Depression, and the Dust Bowl that had happened during this time. This picture shaped the world because it showed what people were going through during that time. I have always liked this picture because of the emotion shown by the mother as she tries to figure out what she must do next to help her children stay alive.

2. Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima, taken by Joe Rosenthal in 1945

Joe Rosenthal’s picture of the Raising of the Flag in Iwo Jima. The photo is the most iconic picture of World War II..

Another picture that changed the world would have to be the one taken during World War II during the Battle of Iwo Jima by photographer, Joe Rosenthal in 1945 on Mount Suribach. This photograph portrays six soldiers raising the American flag during the battle. It was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize and is one of the most notable in American History; many statues have been made as a re-creation of the photograph, such as the one in Virginia.

3. Elizabeth Eckford and Central High School in 1957

The picture is of Elizabeth Eckford as she tries to walk to school. The photo was taken by Will Counts, he wanted to show the way even students were mad that the school had blacks.

The next photograph I have chosen is one of my favorites from history because I have always been for equal rights for all. It shows, Elizabeth Eckford, a black student walking towards Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. The picture shows Eckford straight-faced as she walks past and away from white parents angered and held back by soldiers, angered by the schools decision to admit black students into the institution. This picture shows the great courage it took for this young woman to go to an all-white school and not react as the parents scream at her, most likely racial slurs.

4. “Tear down this wall”, taken in 1987

This picture is of President Ronald Reagan as he makes his most iconic speech “Tear down this wall” in 1987. The Berlin wall was taken down in 1989 with the help of Reagan’s speech.

The fourth picture is of President Ronald Reagan in front of the Brandenburg Gate, a part of the Berlin Wall. He is pictured giving one of his most famous speeches, “Tear down this wall” in 1987. This speech was just the start of a great end for the German people because only two years after this historic speech, the wall did come down. This picture shows Reagan as he talks to the German people, it shows a part of history that many people all over the world recognize; Reagan is most known for this in his history of being President.

5. September 11th, 2001, taken in New York City

Pictured is the most know photo from the terrorists’ attacks on 9/11. It was all over the news in America for months afterwards.

The final photo was taken on September 11th, 2001 in New York City after the Twin Towers had been attacked. Any and all of the photos from that day or of that week are very powerful, from the ones of people running from the buildings-all brown from dirt and soot-to the firefighters days after helping put New York back together. I picked one of the most prominent photos as the second tower gets hit. Personally I will never forget when the second tower was hit, and neither will millions of Americans and those around the world.

These are just some of the photos that have changed the world in Photography and have been widely known throughout the world. Which do you find most powerful?

"5 famous photographs that changed the world" by Audrey Felser, via PhotoGuides.

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