Friday, July 5, 2013

23 Photos of a Film Roll Were Merged Into One

Photo © Ash Davies

Melbourne, Australia based photographer Ash Davies didn't know that he did this epic 23-multi-exposed photo when he wound the film back into its canister. Something had broken! The film didn’t move for an entire photoshoot and it had slipped off the winder of his OM10 camera.
"Albeit tragic to lose such a great photoshoot, I kind of like the photo. Look within the photo and you’ll see trains, gauges, copper pipes, drivers and probably a Mini Cooper. I think my shoulder is somewhere in the middle of the frame too. This was the film companion to last week’s train driver photoshoot. Sad to lose part of the series but, looking at the crazy multi exposure that came of it, I don’t really mind!
I suspect this is an ‘everyone does it once’ kind of thing. Felt it was worth sharing here though." says Davies.

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