Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Visit Angkor

Angkor is a region of Cambodia that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire, which flourished from approximately the 9th to 15th centuries. The word Angkor is derived from the Sanskrit nagara, meaning "city". The Angkorian period began in AD 802, when the Khmer Hindu monarch Jayavarman II declared himself a "universal monarch" and "god-king", until 1351, when Angkor first fell under Ayutthayan suzerainty, to 1431, when Ayutthaya put down a rebellion and sacked the Khmer capital, causing its population to migrate south to Longvek.

The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand, ranging in scale from nondescript piles of brick rubble scattered through rice fields to the magnificent Angkor Wat, said to be the world's largest single religious monument. Many of the temples at Angkor have been restored, and together, they comprise the most significant site of Khmer architecture. Visitor numbers approach two million annually, and the entire expanse, including Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom is collectively protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This popularity of the site among tourists presents multiple challenges to the preservation of the ruins.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia by DragonWoman

encore angkor wat* 08 by * tathei *

Angkor Wat by Sockeyed

Wat, Angkor Wat? by lissyloola

Cambodia #7 - Bayon sunset by zane&inzane

Angkor Wat Silhouette by anosteen

Perspective by 【 ken 】

Angkor Wat (171A/365) by nicoyangjie

local girl by kaori.ikt

Angkor Thom by ©skarson

oh, christian! by erdalito

Angkor, March 16th, 2012 by The Gentleman Amateur

An Ancient Path by Emanuele Faja

Magnificent Angkor Wat by Hoàng Khôi

Angkor Thom South Gate Cambodia by yipchoonwai

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