Monday, June 17, 2013

Tina Sosna - 5 things I love about Film

Tina Sosna is a 20 year old photographer based-in Jena /Thüringen, Germany, who loves to live between a forest, music and books, "capturing emotions in my works and enjoying all of this with my love."

Below is 5 things she loves about film photography:

1. The feeling. I love the warm and real feeling an anlogue photograph has. The real light from the sun forms every little thing into a wonder. You can achieve a dreamy atmosphere without doing something sometimes.

2. The grain. Every photo gets more texture with it. So it can look more interesting if there are different sorts of grain. It feels more honest, because nothing is perfect and the camera can capture the imperfection in a very gentle way.

3. The history. Beeing connected to something old that someone had before feels so magical. The camera has seen all the beauty and has been on the most wonderful places. She belonged to someone else who cared about her in the past. And now you have the task to care about her and show your new companion how the world has changed.

4. The look through the viewer. If your eyes find the way to the viewer on the camera you can just fall in love. Every thing you will focus in the little rectangle will look different than before. More dreamy and warm with a lot more character. Since I can call an analogue camera my own my view on every moment changed. If I met new people the first thing I do is thinking about how she or he would look in this little rectangle.

5. Beeing patient. I'm so impatient in every way. But when it comes to analogue photography I love to be patient,to plan to shot and wait a long period of time until I can see what I captured some time ago. I love to think about the value a roll of film has to me and how precious every single frame is.

To see more of Tina's work, please visit her blog, Flickr or Facebook.

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