Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Sleeper and the Dreamer - 5 things I love about Film

Not much to know about photographer The Sleeper and the Dreamer since she loves to be an anonymous. We only know she's from Hong Kong and primarily shoots film from 35mm to medium format and Polaroid, and here, five reasons why:

1. Film pictures look better than the real things. I don’t know why. It’s magic.

2. The grain, the texture, and how it perceive light. I can shoot film very overexposed or underexposed. And the pictures can still look great.

3. I just shoot, without looking back of what I have shot. With a digital camera, it’s hard to resist looking at the previous photos.

4. The cameras! Film cameras are beautiful, solid, reliable, and simple, without all those fancy functions. And many cameras don’t need any battery to operate.

5. Film photography is like painting. Different films, different cameras, different processes can give you unique results. It’s like painting with different canvas, brushes and paints. You can see the process from the final images.

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