Friday, June 21, 2013

Strange and Funny Wedding Photography in The 1980's

In the project named The Most Beautiful Day of My Life, photographer Jean-Christian Bourcart collected strange and funny wedding photo outtakes from the studio where he had his first job as a wedding photographer in the 1980's. The studio Bourcart worked for in the 1980s photographed dozens of weddings each weekend in the suburbs of Paris.
"Over the years tens of thousands of pictures accumulate, enough to fill a room. I was working in a photography studio that specialized in weddings and that’s where I began my collection."  He described.

"I was like an archeologist, patiently digging through the strata of this collective memory. I put together my own album. It told the story of a hybrid family, a bit strange, perhaps, but deliberately chosen nonetheless, a narrative that was funny and innocent and sometimes tragic, which vacillated between the representation of happiness and the accidents of life, which could be called reality."

(Images courtesy of Jean-Christian BourcartThe Most Beautiful Day of My Life via Slate)

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