Monday, June 10, 2013

Natasha Carlos - 5 things I love about Film

Natasha Carlos is a 26-year-old analog photographer based in Southern California. She documents her life and travels on a variety of 35mm cameras. Here are five reasons why Natasha loves shooting film:

1. There is a rhythm to shooting film. You shoot a roll, drop it off for development, wait and anticipate the rolls, pick up the rolls, scan, edit, and upload the images. The process has a built-in level of anticipation and excitement that creates a work flow that keeps me actively shooting.

2. Analog photography is the perfect medium for the student at heart. There are endless avenues for experimentation. Each roll is an opportunity to explore a new technique or overcome an obstacle.

3. Film is tangible. There are negatives and prints that are cared for by hand. My lifelong body of work is stored in negative boxes and photo albums not in some hard drive. I love how tactile the medium is. There is a nostalgia that lives in a photograph that you can hold in your hand that cannot be matched by an image on a screen.

4. Film is mysterious. Each analog camera has its own quirk and personality. Each frame on a roll is one of a kind due to the unpredictability of film. Whether it be light leaks, filters, double exposures, or other manipulations each individual frame has the potential for magic.

5. You have to make a decision. Film forces you to slow down and see what is really in front of you. There aren't an endless amount of shots available. In the moment you have to decide how many frames a subject is worth on your roll. There is respect for each frame and a patience that develops.

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