Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kodak Film Container Display

Image © Roberto41144

Mint condition Kodak Film Containers from the 50's and 60's. The cloth mailer bag is on the far right. These containers were in the original unopened boxes when Roberto got them at an estate sale a few years back.

The film expiration date on the first five boxes was 1951. The two larger canisters on the right had 1964 expiration dates. All lids have a small rubber seal glued inside. The cans are held down by a drop of silicone sealer. The red oak base has 7 flat bottom bored holes the cans sit in.
1. Kodachrome 828 Slide Film
2. Kodachrome Daylight 828 Print Film
3. Ektachome 828 Slide Film
4. Black & White 828 Print film
5. ?
6-7. 35 mm Film, Circa 1964
8. Kodak Film Mailer bag -1951

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