Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kiari Chikitoka - 5 things I love about Film

Chigrinova Kristina is a photographer from beatiful seaside city Odessa, Ukraine. She first got her film camera in hand when she was 17. "It was FED. That was so magical, and then my stepfather gave me his well-preserved Zenit ET."

After 3 years, she has acquired a medium format Kiev 6C and also took off a Kodak Star 875 from her mother "and for me it means a lot. I have another handsome man - it Exa 1B with Tessar1. They are all important to me and I can not imagine that any of them was throw after a break or sold."

So, here's her 5 reasons why she's still shooting film:

1. Atmosphere. Film passes depth. Captures not just a flat picture, but a piece of the world. Film camera is a separate living creature, a friend who comes to life with the film. So when shooting with film, I feel that it's looking into my soul and it tries to convey my world. Film camera like an animal, like children, like a best friend.

2. The value of each frame. 12 frames or 24 or 36 is not 500. When you shoot on film - time slows down. Here it is almost stop and the brain is working at full and click. And you forgot to wind up the shutter. I love the fact that it is necessary to wind up the shutter.

3. The fact that I can touch it. Here they are, stopped time, the film. This light, these processes. I look and see how it comes to my life. It's beautiful.

4. Waiting. I really like the way that I don't see the frame once received. It makes me think a lot about each film roll, on every frame.

5. The smell of a new film, as in the new book. I love books and their smell - the smell from childhood. Smells like new experiences, unknown world. This smell pushes to adventure.

More of Kiari Chikitoka's work can be found on her Flickr photostream.

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