Monday, June 10, 2013

KHÖWSGÖL - Creative Portraits on Polaroid by Chris Mettraux

KHÖWSGÖL is a creative project of Polaroid portraits by Lausanne, Switzerland based photographer Chris Mettraux, who has a big collection of Polaroids. Chris works with several cameras, for example the Polaroid SLR 690, the SX-70, the Polaroid 110 modified for Type 100 pack film and the 600 SE modified by himself with a 600/SX70 back which allows him to set the aperture and the speed.

Chris first got interested in photography at the age of eleven during a class. Since then he never stopped taking pictures. He decided to work essentially with analog techniques and old processes.

To see more of Chris’ work, please visit his Flickr photostream and his Tumblr.

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